The Swiss research project for the digitization and restoration of archival film. Supported by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

DIASTOR is a cooperation between academic research institutions and the Swiss film industry. It combines film-historical knowledge with restoration ethics, advanced research in IT and technological knowledge of the service providers and engineering companies to offer custom-tailored solutions with the aim to bridge the gap between analog film history and digital technology.

Our scalable, non-destructive approach applies to heterogeneous demands:

  • Different material requirements
  • Different uses
  • Different institutional frameworks

DIASTOR offers a wide range of services provided by our partners from the private industry with support from the scientific team:

  • Digitization and restoration of archival films
  • Ingestion of digital elements
  • Long-term storage of digital elements
  • Development of archival packages with contextual information (scripts, photos, ads, trailers)
  • Asset-management

Based on our special expertise in historical film colors as published in the comprehensive Timeline of Historical Film Colors we are especially keen to work with historical color material such as Technicolor, Gasparcolor, Dufaycolor, applied colors (tinting, toning, Pathécolor, hand coloring) or faded chromogenic stock (Agfacolor, Eastmancolor) etc.

We are looking for case studies…

…get the scientific support for free.

Contact: Claudy Op den Kamp


Leading house is the Institute of Cinema Studies at the University of Zurich.

In collaboration with Disney Research Zurich, the academic partner Computer Graphics Lab of ETH Zürich, the Cinémathèque suisseSRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, and the companies cinegrell postproduction GmbHMarquise Technologies and Sondor Willy Hungerbühler AG. Project duration: 2013–2015.

See summary and further information on the University of Zurich’s research database.

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