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Research Partners

Institute of Cinema Studies, University of Zurich, Leading House uzh_logo_e_pos_web_main

  • Fields of activity: Research and teaching on the history and aesthetics of film with special emphasis on material and technical history of film and digitisation of archive films
  • Relevant expertise for the project: Excellent relationship to archives around the world, to curators and policy makers for efficient and focused project acquisition and marketing, in-depth know-how based on years of research activity in the field of digitisation and restoration of archive films, international publications and lectures
  • Project manager DIASTOR: Prof. Dr. Barbara Flückiger
  • DIASTOR Team: Claudy Op den Kamp, MA, film scholar and restoration expert; Dr. David Pfluger, chemist and digital imaging expert; Dr. Franziska Heller, film scholar

Computer Graphics Lab, ETH Zurichlogo_cgl

  • Fields of activity: Research and teaching in the areas of CGI, animation, performance capture, image processing
  • Relevant expertise for the project: Advanced, world-leading IT research, know-how in the field of image processing, CGI, compositing and software engineering, capture and display development, publishing and lecturing
  • Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Markus Gross
  • Research: Simone Croci

Implementation Partners

Disney Research Zurich (DRZ), a division of The Walt Disney Company (TWDC)new_drz_logo2

  • Fields of activity of the parent company (TWDC): Content development, production and distribution of films, archiving and management of assets, commercial restoration Activity of DRZ: IT research in the areas of CGI, image processing, displays, image capture, S3D, computer vision, video
  • Relevant expertise for the project: Best practices in archiving, restoration and dissemination of films, IT development of tools and workflows, asset management, practitioner
  • Director: Prof. Dr. Markus Gross
  • Co-Manager DIASTOR: Dr. Aljosha Smolic
  • Research: Oliver Wang, PhD

cinegrell postproduction GmbHcinegrell_logo

  • Fields of activity: Photochemical film developing, digitisation, post-production
  • Relevant expertise for the project: Expertise in analogue and digital film industry, extensive and complete technical infrastructure for the development and processing of analogue and digital film and video in all formats
  • Managers: Richard Grell (CEO), Yvonne Marti, Michael Egli
  • DIASTOR Team: Timo Inderfurth, Nicole Allemann

Cinémathèque SuisseCS_logo2

  • Fields of activity: Archiving, preservation, distribution, restoration and digitisation of films and film-related materials (posters, photographs, scripts, production documents, media reports, etc.)
  • Relevant expertise for the project: Film archive with around 70,000 films and film-related units, projection rooms, expertise in analogue and digital archiving, preservation, digitisation and restoration, technical infrastructure for processing of analogue and digital film and video, communication with the public, distribution and presentation of films
  • Director: Frédéric Maire
  • DIASTOR Team: Caroline Fournier, film restorer; Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Jaques, film historian; Carole Delessert, film restorer; Vincent de Claparède, image processing expert; Michel Dind, head of film department

Swiss Radio and Television SRFsrf_logo

  • Fields of activity: Swiss Radio and Television SRF is the public broadcaster in the German part of Switzerland. With three television and six radio channels including online services, SRF provides a comprehensive program in the fields of information, culture, entertainment, and sports. SRF is a branch of SRG SSR, the Swiss Television Corporation.
  • Relevant expertise for the project: SRF owns a huge archive of in-house productions on 16 mm film and an extensive library of Swiss classics in 35 mm that are stored in the vaults of the Cinémathèque suisse. SRF’s specialists have many years of experience in archival and restoration of a variety of film and video stocks. The topic of long-term storage is of utmost relevance as well.
  • Director: Nathalie Wappler, Head of Arts and Culture Department
  • DIASTOR Team at SRF: Project manager Heinz Schweizer, Head of Acquisitions Film and Series; Claudio Ricci, Editor and Technical Expert Film and Series; Jürg Hut, Historical Collections and Digital Transfers, Film and Video Archives and Documentation

Marquise TechnologiesMarquise_logo

  • Fields of activity: Development of software and interfaces for film post-production, transcoding, real-time and faster-than-real-time automatic restoration software, GPU programming and system integration
  • Relevant expertise for the project: Comprehensive knowledge of post production processes, and in particular of color management
  • Manager: Laurence Stoll (CEO)
  • DIASTOR Team: Dan Tatut, programmer

Sondor Willy Hungerbühler AGsondor_logo_mit

  • Fields of activity: Development of hardware (image and sound digitisation equipment)
  • Relevant expertise for the project: Mechanical engineering, image and sound processing
  • Manager: William Hungerbühler (CEO)
  • DIASTOR Team: Dominik Hungerbühler, electronics development; Fritz Brem, mechanical development; Andy Braun, sales and service engineer


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