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Scanner Tests at ARRI in Munich

ARRI in Munich is the first scanner manufacturer to work on eight different materials for the DIASTOR scanner tests.

Based on the experience from the preliminary scanner tests, the DIASTOR team under the supervision of David Pfluger and Claudy Op den Kamp elaborates a protocol to standardize the tests and the results.

Currently the tested stocks include 16 mm color reversal, 35 mm Dufaycolor, 35 mm Technicolor, faded chromogenic negative, color reversal intermediate and positive, and tinted film.

A questionnaire explores aspects of handling, soft- and hardware, controls, interface, data management and documentation.

In the next few weeks the team travels to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin to test scanners such as Kinetta, Lasergraphics Director, MWA Nova’s Flashtransfer Vario, DFT SCANITY. Further tests on RTI’s D-Archiver with implementation partner AV Preservation by Reto.ch and Filmlight Northlight as well as ARRISCAN with our partner Cinegrell Postproduction are executed directly in DIASTOR.


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