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Scanner tests at AV Preservation by reto.ch

On the 3rd of January 2014, DIASTOR partner Reto Kromer’s company AV Preservation by reto.ch performed DIASTOR’s scanner tests on his D-Archiver scanner. In collaboration with DIASTOR team member David Pfluger, he scanned all the different materials such as 16 mm color reversal, 35 mm Dufaycolor, 35 mm Technicolor, faded chromogenic negative, color reversal intermediate and positive, and tinted film.

The tests on this scanner are especially interesting because DIASTOR had done a sample of their preliminary scanner tests on this machine at IBC in Amsterdam. In addition to investigating the technical performance of hardware and software, it is our goal to study the influence of the scanner operator’s education and knowledge on the results. With our partner Reto Kromer we have a highly skilled and experienced person with special knowledge in the handling of historical films.


DIASTOR partner Reto Kromer performing the scanner tests at his company AV Preservation by reto.ch


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