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Restoration of Agfacolor with Murnau Foundation

Following the successful collaboration on the restoration of Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, where DIASTOR contributed the color analysis, the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation teams up with DIASTOR again for the restoration of two early Agfacolor films.

The two films Immensee (1943) and Opfergang (1944), produced during the Third Reich in Germany and directed by Veit Harlan, will be restored under the supervision of Anke Wilkening during the next few months.

In June 2014, Barbara Flueckiger and Giorgio Trumpy from the Swiss research project DIASTOR executed a thorough colorimetric analysis of three historical Agfacolor film elements, a negative and a positive print of Opfergang and a positive of Immensee respectively.

These analyses were completed by the photographic documentation of a larger group of early Agfacolor films in the Národní filmový archiv / National Film Archive in Prague in 2014 and an extensive one at the Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv in Hoppegarten near Berlin in February 2015.


Opfergang (Germany 1944). Source: Agfacolor nitrate positive, Filmmuseum Düsseldorf. Copyright: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, Wiesbaden. Photograph by Barbara Flueckiger, DIASTOR



Principal component analysis of the Agfacolor negative. Credit: Barbara Flueckiger and Giorgio Trumpy, DIASTOR.




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