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Colorimetric Analysis of Technicolor Elements

DIASTOR is currently working on the restoration of the Swiss film HEIDI UND PETER produced in 1955 in Technicolor No. V. The restoration is commissioned by DIASTOR partner SRF Swiss Radio and Television, which owns the rights of the film. The film will be part of the program “Switzerland in Technicolor” and includes the film SWITZERLAND SPORTLAND provided by the Harvard Film Archive.

Only one reel of the film is complete with the black-and-white separations while these separations were lost for the other reels. Several dye-transfer prints are available, all of them have different hues and some of them show quite heavily scratched surfaces.

To receive more information about the physical properties of the Technicolor dyes and to understand the relationship between the different prints, the various elements were documented photographically and analysed by a statistical method. This method allows to estimate the analytical densities of the single dyes.

Based on the results of these measurements the scanning and color grading will be adjusted accordingly by a tool developed by DIASTOR research partner Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in collaboration with the implementation partner Disney Research Zurich.


Colorimetric measurement of one of the HEIDI UND PETER dye-transfer prints.

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