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Update of the Website’s Resources Section

In November/December 2014 the resources section on the DIASTOR website was updated: almost 100 links covering various aspects of the digitization of audiovisual heritage, such as the film historic background knowledge, technical issues of scanning, restoring, digital imaging and storing, and ethical aspects were classified in categories like “Organizations”, “Guides”, “Reports”, “Projects”, “Festivals and Conferences” and “Case Studies”. In addition, there are also some examples presenting digitized material online.

An important approach of our resource-concept is to historicize the knowledge presented: the DIASTOR-team has tried to relate the presented links to its publishing dates as DIASTOR would like to highlight and document the fast change in knowledge and standards as well as the technological development of the field. Please consider the section a work-in-progress…

Thank you to the people that have already provided invaluable input. Please send us your comments, feedback or contributions.

For further discussion please contact Franziska Heller.

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