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3rd ‘Digital Desmet’ session

Several members of the research team, including our partner SRF, gathered for a third ‘Digital Desmet’ workshop at project partner Cinegrell in Zurich. Paulo Fonseca (colorist, Beeld en Geluid) joined us for both days in order to research different routes of establishing a ‘trustworthy’ analogue colour reference for digital grading, which included side-by-side projection of analogue and digital elements with the help of an ARRI LocPro35 portable projector (kindly made available by Richard Grell). In addition, a work-in-progress presentation by Simone Croci (Disney Research Zurich) led to a productive discussion on how to further refine and define the translation of the Desmet method into digital imaging tools. There will be two more sessions before the final results will be presented at The Colour Fantastic conference at EYE Film Institute at the end of March 2015.

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